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If you are interested in advertising in our show catalogue, or becoming a vendor at our event.  Kindly send an email with some information on how you’d like to participate, and we will provide you with pricing and information.

We greatly appreciate all those that have supported and will be participating in our cat show.

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Our cat fountains are all made completely by hand of high-fire stoneware. They are thrown on the potters’ wheel, bisque fired then glazed with our own glazes we make from scratch of pure minerals, then fired to 2,232℉. Because we make our own glazes and follow strict guidelines for food safety we certify that all our fountains are completely food safe. We are the only maker of cat fountains who can say that.


Thirstycat Fountains is a small company comprised of the owners and founders, Keith & Jackie, with the invaluable addition of Joyce, Lee and Jenifer. Our studio is a 3,000 sq. ft. space in Cambridge, New York. It houses numerous work areas, 3 potters’ wheels, 3  kilns, a glaze mixing area, a glaze spraying booth, a shipping area and 3 desks, as well as spaces and tools for copper work and enameling. We each have numerous responsibilities and everyone is always on quality control watch. Every fountain is inspected 3 times before being shipped. We have a five star rating for both the quality of our product and of our customer service, all of which is stated in our customer reviews.

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