Entering Your Household Cat in a Cat Show

 Does your family pet have an easy going, friendly personality? He or she could very well be an excellent candidate for showing as a Household Pet!

Many people become interested in showing after attending a cat show.  Your cat does NOT need to be a purebred to enter a cat show and you don’t have to be a cat breeder yourself to get into the show habit and join the fun world of exhibiting.

The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA) has a Household pet class for adults and kittens who can compete without registration numbers. You can even register your household kitty and earn points and titles and awards if you would like to! Just contact your Regional Director or visit a show in your area for more information. Household Pets compete against each other for top awards same as the pedigreed cats, but they are judged in their own competitive class.

To enter the cat show, your kitty is required to be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age (adult status.) Kittens may be shown as long as they are at least 4 months of age. Cats and kittens must not be declawed.

Your kitty must be presented in good condition, with clean eyes, ears and coat.  Bathing is recommended. Your kitty must properly vaccinated & be free of parasites, such as fleas, ticks and ear mites. Claws must be clipped on all four paws.

Each kitty entered in the Household Pet class is evaluated by the judge.  The judge evaluates the condition, beauty, personality and temperament of each kitty, and a red and white "Merit" ribbon is given to each exhibit.  The individual judges then chooses their Top 10 favourite kitties, who are called back into finals and awarded points & rosettes.  The excitement of your cat winning its first rosette is hard to beat, and is often the catalyst for further interest in cat shows!

You can find out more about the Household Pet Class on CFA’s website:


If you are interested in entering your kitty in our upcoming show, we will happily guide you through the process.  We welcome all newcomers and encourage you to come out, enter our show, meet fellow cat lovers and have a great time making new friends and rosettes!

You need to fill out an Online Entry Form here.

Things You will Need to Bring:

- drapes or sheets to cover your cage (cage provided by at the show)

- litter pan & scoop (litter is provided at the show)

- Cat dishes, food and water

- toiletteries such as a comb, face cloth, nail clippers, paper towels, Q-tips, small binder clips, pens, and small cat toys (sparkle or crinkle balls).

 You will eventually want to carry small bottles of dry bath, hand sanitizer, disinfectant, anti-static, Febreze, and Ozium or similar odor neutralizer.

When you arrive at the cat show on Saturday morning, you will check in, and you can notify the entry clerk this is your first cat show and we will have wonderful volunteers that will help you get acquainted with teh show process.  There will be judging rings set up, with a podium for the judge, cages for class judging and seating to watch the judging take place.  There will also be a benching area, where all exhibitors are set up.  You will need to bring curtains for the cage you will be assigned.  Every exhibitor is assigned a specific number & cage in the benching area of the cat show.  Each entry received a cage space of 22” x 22”.  You will need to bring your own cage curtains, or covers.  Some people bring towels, sheets or decorative fabric to personalize their space as they wish.  

 Throughout the day, announcements will be made for you kitty, who will be called out by their assigned numbers, to come to each ring.  When you get to that ring which called you, you will find your kitty’s assigned number on top of the cages, and place your kitty in that cage, then sit down in the seating area to enjoy the judging of your kitty.  When your kitty’s number is taken down from the judging cages, you may remove your kitty and take him back to his cage at the benching area.  The judge will then choose his Top 10 kitties for that class, if your kitty is selected, he will be called back to that ring, where you bring your kitty and put in the cage with your number above it, and enjoy as your kitty makes finals!

The cat show will have many vendors, selling a variety of items.  There will also be people food available.  If you are interested in knowing more about cat shows, please feel free to email us!

Here is how to complete the Online Entry Form to enter your cat:


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